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Current Issue: Volume 32, Issue 1, February 2024 (SUPPL(2)) 

Effects of Applying Vimala Massage on Neonates with Exaggerated Physiological Jaundice on Their Clinical Outcomes

Pages 13-30

Nahla Abd ELnaby Elkandoz; Amal Abo El-Azm Abd El-Rahman Younis; Samar Eldesoky Mohamed Ads

Effect of Educational Program Regarding Care of Children with Intussusception on Nurses' Knowledge and Practice

Pages 31-47

Hanan Gomaa Elsayed Gomaa; Abdel motaleb Effat Ebeid; Nagafa Hafez Farag; Enas Mohammed Elmelegy

Effect of Educational Program about Medication Considerations on Promoting Quality of Pharmacotherapy among Elderly with Multi-Morbidity

Pages 104-127

Nadia Ismail El Saeid Al Dosokey Azzam; Amaal Mohamed El-Zeftawy; Lulah Abdelwahab Abdelatey Hassan; Samar Ahmed Mekled

Anger Expression Modes and its Association with Interpersonal Problem-Solving and Self Esteem Among Bachelor Nursing Students

Pages 128-142

Amal Awad Abd El-Nabi Moussa; Abd El-Salam Dewedar; Angham Elsaid Tawfik; Souzan Abd El-Menem Abd El-Ghafar Harfush

Effect of Health Teaching for Mothers on Quality of Life for Their Children with Rheumatic Arthritis

Pages 143-160

Samar AbdElgawad Shafek Mohamed; Ebtisam Mohammed Elsayed; Nagafa Hafez Farag; Maha El sayed Elaraby

Effect of Passive Muscle Exercises on Acquired Muscle Weakness among Critically Ill Patients

Pages 161-178

Mona Mohamed Saleh Mohamed; Safaa E. Sayed; Hanan Mohamed Elsaadany; Nadia Mostafa Eleter

Knowledge and Practices of Nursing Staff Regarding Biomedical Waste Management at Rural Health Units in Tanta City

Pages 280-307

Aya Mohamed Abdelghany Khalil; Hanan Abo-Elgamelen Ebrahim Essa; Lulah Abdelwahab Abdelaty Hassan; Sara Mohamed Ahmed El-Gamal

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Tanta University; Faculty of Nursing

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